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iPhone 12 will return to the original design with a 5.4-inch screen

Despite the great success of the latest iPhone 2019, it seems that Apple would be considering making a new and notable change for its next generation of iPhone 12 . And it is that according to the ET News website, the company is considering adding Samsung as a new display provider.

In this way, it seeks to make the complete jump to the OLED panels, replacing the smaller model with a new terminal of only 5.4 inches, maintaining a second 6.1-inch model, and the third option of the iPhone 12 Max, which would increase to 6.7 inches.

In addition, as they say from this website, the new iPhone will use a new touch system called Y-OCTA, which in addition to offering better performance, will significantly reduce the thickness of the terminals and their production costs.

Although the real design change comes with the alleged recovery of the iPhone 4, yes, with notable improvements: « a more complex segmentation design, new trenching and injection moulding procedures, in addition to a glass or sapphire cover set for protecting the trench injection moulding structure «.

But we will also have internal changes, with the total adoption of the new 5G networks and the inclusion of a modem from the recently recovered relationship with Qualcomm. In addition, it is also expected to see an increase in RAM, one of Apple’s pending subjects, which would finally reach 6GB in the Pro model.

So, taking into account that the iPhone 4 made its debut during the month of June 2010, everything indicates that Tim Cook’s company will present this new family of phones during the same month, thus seeking the greatest emotional and nostalgic pull Among his fans.

However, the new iPhone 12 is expected to arrive without the thick frames of the original phone, although the option of having the classic central physical button is considered again.

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